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Default Re: Framebuffer and X

Originally Posted by energyman76b
Is there any driver that provides hardware accelerated 2d and 3d AND plays well with its framebuffer counterpart?

I've just discovered that Matrox G-series seems to have this *full* support into the official kernel, and I'm going to buy a G550 (even if it isn't the latest and greatest) to check it.

If it works I think I'll get rid of my Nvidia and/or ATI cards (as long as Nvidia don't decide to support framebuffer too...).
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Default Re: Framebuffer and X

The DRI/Xorg guys are working on a way to allow a subset of dri to be used for framebuffer console. This is what you guys want and most opensource drivers will get it in the near future. (dri kernel mode setting)
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Default Re: Framebuffer and X

Does nvidiafb/rivafb work with "nv" driver ?
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Default Re: Framebuffer and X

On my notebook (Radeon 9600M) the X.org 'radeon' driver plays perfectly well with the 'radeonfb' driver...
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