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Default Added 2 gigs, and now its a no go...

As I wrote, added 2 gigs of corsair pc6400 for a total of 4gigs. All 4 sticks are the same. Now, with 2.1v the 2gigs worked at 4-4-4-12. But now the 4 gigs dont. DO I need to increase voltage or something?
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Default Re: Added 2 gigs, and now its a no go...

yeah try 2.2v otherwise test each stick for errors with memtest. Could be one of your new sticks messing things up.

Edit: Or as gorion said, loosen timings to like 5-5-5-15 or so.
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Default Re: Added 2 gigs, and now its a no go...

I'm not familiar with the eccentricities of teh IP35 but if I wasn't overclocking and 2.1 is the recommended voltage for teh ram I would start with the timings. Like if you were running at 1T I would start with 2T.
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