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Default Hard Drive Problems

Hi all my friend Revs is a regular here and say's there are people who can possibly help with my problem iv'e done as much as i can in gathering info on the problem.

Here goes, i bought a EIDE HD (Western Digital cavalier SE 320GB) it was IDE because at the time my mobo. only had 2 SATA ports.
I was running XP Pro and upon installing it i was asked or rather recommended to convert to a dynamic disk which after this problem and looking on the web was a very bad idea a big flop from MS by all acounts and mainly for RAID anyhow so why it asked... anyway it worked fine for ages then XP was getting buggy as it does so it was re-install time, after installing XP the drive was gone so i went into Disk Management and it was there and i had to 'Import Foreign Disks' all went well and everyting was there, later on in time and i was installing XP again and had to 'Import Foreign Disks' again all went well i assume this is the norm. for Dynamic Disks when re-installing windows, then i upgraded my whole PC for PCI-e new CPU's that are out ect. and installed XP again but when i went to 'Import Foreign Disks' again it gave the error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT nooooo i thought looked on the web found a few with the same problem but no real solutions, since then iv'e installed Vista Ultimate 64bit and in the Disk Management it says Dynamic Disk Offline with a circle and a red arrow in it, so i clicked on Reactivate Disk and i get 'The attempted operation is invalid. Either the parameters specified are invalid or the operation cannot be compleated on the selected object. Refer to the Disk Management help for assistance on the correct use of the attempted operation.' so i did, the help was no help i tried everything on there i even tried through CMD.exe no luck, so i went back to the web to find more info. now from what i gather Dynamic Disk's are like an extension of a disk that is already there (correct me if im wrong) so i imagine it's like it cant extend it's self again but im sure there is nothing wrong with the drive.

Here are some pics with info that might help

SMART tests passed...

Drive Test

Say's somthing about a error here?

Here is my main HD and the problem drive should there be a normal code in the LDM Host/DiskGroup GUID or is that the problem?

Now i imagine it will recover fine but i would prefer to fix the problem to save buying another HD to swap it all to.
Does any one know a way to reactivate it or convert to a basic disk without losing the data?
Are there any tools out there to help?
Is there any other info i could give that could help?

Thankx for any help
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Default Re: Hard Drive Problems

for a buddy
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Default Re: Hard Drive Problems

Surely someone knows how to sort this. He's got 300Gb of por.... useful files on this drive. Anyone???
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