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Default Re: PS3 Gets DivX playback!! Tomorrow!

I had the same problem with an xvid movie..part 2 plays fine, part1 says it is unsupported(from usb hd)...another movie gave me the message the content seems to have been deleted from the media server(using tversity from pc).
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Default Re: PS3 Gets DivX playback!! Tomorrow!

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
2 Questions since I'm too busy at work and can't try this until the weekend.

1) I assume that since it plays Divx, it also supports Xvid, is this the case?
A number of PS3 owners have said that this is true.

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
2) What functionality does the Divx playback have? Can you both stream it from our PC (over Lan or Wireless) and can you burn a Divx file to a cd/dvd and play it on the PS3...
Some have said: no you cannot stream, others have said you can. I haven't read any comments about burning to a cd/dvd. There have also been some complaining that you can't use a external attached HD (but that may not be the case).

What it seems is that there are issues related to streaming (likely to be updated in the next ps3 update), and issues playing early divx/xvid stuff.
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Default Re: PS3 Gets DivX playback!! Tomorrow!

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD
Well Divx is Xvid so it should work but ive read tons of posts on the playstation forums where people having huge problems with some xvid movies i dunno why.. either movie never starts or it goes black after 5 seconds.. it seems not the best playback they added, worse then 360.

XviD 1.1.0 Final

These files codecs come up as unsupported on both memory card, and on PS3 hard drive:
DivX 3 Low-Motion
XviD 1.0.1
DivX 5.2.1 (DrDivX106)

And this blows.. talk about divx and more is unsupported then supported..
Yeah ran into this problem also on my PS3. Some older files I tried just don't work. IIRC they are DivX-3, also some xvid ones don't work I guess they are 1.0.1 but I don't remember what version they were encoded for. I still have problems with mp4's also. Overall it's nice to have but as long as the files are 480p or lower I'd rather just play them in my oppo dvd player. The ps3 is nice if you don't want to take time to put files on a DVD-RW, just put it on a flash drive and play it from there.

Both the PS3 and xbox 360 are better than they were before but still no match for an xbox with XBMC installed.

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