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Default Playing DVD's gives me hassles

Hello ,

When I play a DVD in either XP or Vista I have have to be very careful not to frighten it otherwise it makes my screen go crap.
Could this be due to a codec overload or is it my pc and I are just lame?

doing anything like window re-sizing and pausing is a no-no I think ,everything goes all unresponsive on me like a rohypnolled up mute and I have to restart or log off to do anything.

I also get a non compliant HDCP looking message from media center after playing halfway through the movie. And random style lockups.
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Default Re: Playing DVD's gives me hassles

What player? I hate powerdvd and cyberdvd. VLC offered simple playback but then I found GOM player at http://www.gomplayer.com/main.html, its alot like VLC (Self contained codecs) but easier to use filters, and better menu support.
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Default Re: Playing DVD's gives me hassles

windows media player, media player classic , vistas media center , power dvd (the worst)

I realize It could be a multitude of things that cause it but where should I start looking.

I also forgot to mention jerky playback , and is there any way to reduce the tearing type thing happening?

GOM is great ,have yet to try with dvd.
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