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Default SLI technology and two monitors

1. Does FreeBSD driver support SLI technology and two monitors with TwinView? (for example: two GF7600GS)

2. is it possible to use the same videocards from different vendors ? (for example: two GF8800GT 512MB from asus and foxconn)

3. is it possible to use the different videocards with the same series? (for exmaple: cupe of ASUS GF8800GT and Foxconn GF8800GTS)
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Default Re: SLI technology and two monitors

1) no, this isn't currently supported (please also see http://us.download.nvidia.com/freebs...hapter-20.html and note that SLI isn't officially supported on FreeBSD due to kernel limitations (though it should work OK with GeForce 8 series GPUs).

2) in theory, yes; it is best to use identical graphics cards, though.

3) no, SLI configurations require matched GPUs.
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