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Default Driver Options

There are some settings that I require that I cannot find in either the options to append to xorg.conf as listed in the official driver's readme, or in the official settings manager, nvidia-settings. These settings are as follows:

Anisotropic mip filter optimization      On
Anisotropic sample optimization         Off
Conformant texture clamp            Use hardware
Error reporting                  Off
Extension limit                  Off
Force mipmaps                  Trilinear
Hardware acceleration            Single display performance mode
Negative LOD bias               Clamp
Threaded optimization            Auto
Transparency antialiasing            Multisampling
Trilinear optimization               On
These settings have been taken from the Windows drivers for the same computer, and thus the same graphics card, after much experimentation to find the optimum balance of performance and quality for me.

I would like to know the following:
  1. Are these settings available in the Linux drivers? If so:
    1. Is there a reference available where I can investigate how to set these settings myself?
    2. Can anyone show me how to set these settings that I can use in the future?
These settings are important to me, as, under Windows, I could quite happily have AA and AF enabled, over-riding application settings, and it still wouldn't be applied (this was especially obvious with Eve Online, there are some fairly triangular ships that always have a edge at an angle). It was only through applying the rest of these settings (albeit together, as a quality slider) that the AA and AF settings were actually used to any noticeable degree. It's confusing because I've never had to change deeper settings than 'enable AA over-riding application settings' to get it working.

I really hope these extra settings can be enabled, otherwise I feel I've lost out. (Yes I know it could be worse, and I could be using ATI, but still).

Oh, I'm using 169.07 with 2.6.23-gentoo-r3.
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Default Re: Driver Options

Anyone know why this is?
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Default Re: Driver Options

I too would love to see Transparent AA in Linux, but this has been a feature that's been absent for years since the 7 series hardware began supporting it. Don't ever get your hopes up.
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