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View Poll Results: Have you had X lockups running 100.14.09+ or 169.07 NVIDIA drivers within past 6mos?
YES - however only once or twice 5 8.62%
YES - Intermittently (1-3x a week) 7 12.07%
YES - Frequent (1-3x a day) 25 43.10%
NO 21 36.21%
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Old 03-19-08, 06:49 PM   #13
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Default Re: 169.07 continued problems on dual-core/SMP


With maxcpus=1, I had at least one crash a day using Nvidia drivers on Fedora Core 8, using Gnome.
With both cpus enabled, the crashes would come much more frequently.

This would happen on my 430/6150 motherboards with an AMD x2 3600.
Running Firefox made it happen more frequently.

Out of frustration, I bought the brand new ATI 780G motherboard with embeded graphics
that is getting rave reviews. (With an AMD X2 BE2400)
Under Linux, scrolling down in a window pushes the X process to 100%, and the video gets choppy.
Huh? No dice.

I went back to the 430/6150 hardware and switched to CentOS 5.1 64 bit and KDE, no more crashes.

People who are getting the dual core crash should post what version of Linux and which desktop they are using so we can look for patterns.

Hope this helps,
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Old 03-20-08, 09:41 PM   #14
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Default Re: 169.07 continued problems on dual-core/SMP

Fedora Core 7, KDE, 32bit version of Firefox, no compiz, 8800GT, Core2Duo.
I think it's pretty obvious that Nvidia considers this a non-issue. They won't acknowledge it, they've released multiple builds of the driver without addressing it, and they've already got our money. There's tons of threads on the board, bug reports filed, etc. At any time NV could put up a sticky saying that they know there is a multicore issue, and they're working on it. But it's just easier to sweep your screwups under the rug and move on to releasing another new card.
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Default Re: 169.07 continued problems on dual-core/SMP

I am running a 64 Bit Gentoo an a Core 2 (E8200) with P35 Chipset (Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3) and a 8800 GS. I am using this box for some software development and gaming (WoW mostly). I have got no problems, none at all.
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Default Re: 169.07 continued problems on dual-core/SMP

CentOS/RHEL 5 uses kernel 2.6.18. Since this is more of a server OS, I don't think there's too many people running games on this kernel anymore. The latest kernel on Fedora 7 is 2.6.23. My experience with 2.6.18 at work hasn't been great (different problems) and I'd have a rough time with something so old on my home machine...

I don't follow kernel development much, but I'm sure there's tons of changes between .18 and .23+. The only things I can think of offhand are SLUB/SLAB and scheduler (CFQ), but these are tunables that may not have changed between various upgrades by individuals doing customer kernels or distributions. I'm sure people have tried various scheduler/preemptive configurations for these and similar problems already.

They won't acknowledge it,
zander or AronP replied to a recent message I posted on the 192.xx drivers, saying that they've been actively working on stability/other issues.
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