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Default Need nvidia driver to support multiple xorg.conf files

I have a set of machines, all with nvidia cards, all with slightly different hardware (GeForce 5200 v 6200, different models of monitors, etc). They all boot off a single NFS root share via TFTP. According to the xorg.conf man page, X starts looking for configuration files in the following order:

Since each machine knows its own hostname, I want to use /usr/etc/X11/xorg.conf.<hostname> to have a custom X config for each machine. Unfortunately, the nVidia driver seems to ONLY look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and the kernel module refuses to load unless it sees the "nvidia" driver option in that file. If I create an xorg.conf to make the nvidia kernel module happy, then X uses it instead of the localize version, and every machine on the network tries to use the same xorg.conf, with graphics chaos the result.

The question is: is there a way to disable the kernel module's check of xorg.conf to allow it to load, or is there a way I can convince nVidia to follow the xorg.conf spec and have their driver check all the "right" places for a valid config file, or is there some symlink treachery that someone can recommend I try to fake the driver into using the right file?

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Default Re: Need nvidia driver to support multiple xorg.conf files

things of interest:
- 'man Xorg' gives a -config filename option and a CONFIGURATION section.
- 'man xorg.conf' gives interesting details about <cmdline> and $XORGCONFIG stuff when it looks for a config file.

based on this you could have:
- a shell script with a 'case `hostname` in ... esac' or something.
- have a bunch of shell scripts named after the hostnames so that looked up config match
- have a single shell script with many symlinks giving behavior of previous point with only one file
- set $XORGCONFIG to `xorg.hostname`.conf

so, be creative...

I just tested stopping gdm, sudo rmmod nvidia, moving away my xorg.conf file, copying it to home (restriction of -config) with a weird name, sudo modprobe nvidia, startx -- -config weirdname, and it works.
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Default Re: Need nvidia driver to support multiple xorg.conf files

Neither the X driver nor the NVIDIA kernel module know anything about the X config file. I suspect you're using Ubuntu or possibly some other Debian-based distro and are falling victim to some of the shell scripts that their driver packages install. I would recommend asking for help in your distribution's support channels.

You can tell the server to load a different config file with the -config option. Using that or the $XORGCONFIG environment variable sound like your best bet.
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Default Re: Need nvidia driver to support multiple xorg.conf files

It's probably some 'magic' your distribution is doing to detect the needed kernel modules. There's probably some configuration file to override that setting or startup-script to manually call modprobe. That way you could avoid setting up a dummy xorg.conf-file with the Driver "nvidia" line.

Again, it's distribution specific, so I cannot provide details.
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