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Default Black/Black screen issue.

Problem description.
Restarting X server after resuming from hibernate makes virtual terminals blank (they are still accessible even if blindly by keyboard).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start Xserver.
2. While Xserver is running, hibernate (suspend to disk).
3. Resume from hibernate. (virtual terminals a still working).
4. Exit Xsrever (virual terminals are still working at this stage).
5. Start Xserver again.
6. Virtual terminals are broken now but X runs fine.

Note. This doesn't happen if I exit X before I hibernate.

Steps to fix:
1. Run CTRL+ALT+F1.
2. It's blank so I have to blindly type in stuff.
3. Type root and enter the root password.
4. Run init 3 to exit Xserver.
5. At this moment, I'm blindly typing in stuff because I only see a blank screen.
6. Run pm-hibernate or any other hibernate script.
7. Resume from hibernate.
8. Virtual terminals are no longer blank (I can see again).
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Default Re: Black/Black screen issue.

Looks to be the same as this: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=104931
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