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Default Re: Ok.... western digital.

probably best to give it to someone with real experience...price shouldn't really concern you in a case where the data is priceless..atleast thats what i think -.-...i know there maybe a guide out there..on how to do it..but..really..with 0 experience..its best not to damage it even further and have no recovery...

GL tho..i hope it never happens to me ><..never had a hdd issue..but i dont want to jynx myself..i got soo much crap in here -.-.
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Default Re: Ok.... western digital.

Originally Posted by RaidenWoW
My 500gb mybook died along with all of my personal data and photos from Europe trip.

Please someone tell me of cheapest data recovery possible?

I've got $400 at minimum so far...

Their hard drives always seem to... die... after the warranty period ends.
What does it do when you try to use it? Do you hear a drive spin up at all or does it make a clicking noise?

If it clicks then you probably need to send it to a specialist if it's really that important. If it doesn't even spin up then it could just be the controller board like Mthy said. Have you pulled the drive out of the mybook enclosure yet and tried to hook it to a pc?
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Default Re: Ok.... western digital.

I've tried to hook it up to a PC, yes. It is not recognized by the BIOS.

It does spin up. The startup seems fine. After about 30 seconds, it starts to do the clicking thing...

Edit: trying SpinRite. Seems to be working...
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Default Re: Ok.... western digital.

clicking isn't usually a good sign, its usually either the heads hitting the platter (in which case your doing more damage) or the motor dieing
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Default Re: Ok.... western digital.

If the data is priceless I'd say go to Europe again and invite your friends along again.

If beer is not the answer, you're asking the wrong question.
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