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Default 1400x1050 TFT problem. Detailed info

Using the new drivers 1.0.4349 I have not been able to get 1400x1050
mode working on a TFT screen of that resolution, only
1024x768. Previous drivers have worked without problem on the same laptop.

Machine: Dell Laptop Inspiron 8000
Screen: TFT @ 1400x1050
Nvidia drivers.: 1.0.4349
X-version: XFree 4.3.0
Distribution: SuSE 8.2

When upgrading a previously perfect working configuration using the
nvidia drivers for SuSE 8.0 at 1400x1050 the same XF86Config file the drivers now claims all vrefresh to be out of range and no usable screen
configrations found. Setting the resolution to 1024x768 using the
new drivers works perfect however.

I have tried with new modelines generated with xmode for
1400x1050@60Hz but it still give the same problem (no valid config
found). Looking at the EDID information in the X-log file and trying the
clock and hsync/vsync given there results in perfect start of the
X-server with no problem except that the screen is completely black and
never comes to life....

Modelines generated by 'xmode -x 1400 -y 1050 -r 60' :

"1400x1050" 114.41 1400 1416 1704 1944 1050 1050 1060 1097

Modeline generated by Sax2 (SuSE X-Config program):

"1400x1050" 123.94 1400 1416 1704 1944 1050 1050 1060 1097

(Neither of the two modelines work. All gives vrefresh to be out
of range.)

The EDID (Plug'n play values) is:

"1400x1050" 108.0 1400 1448 1560 1688 1050 1051 1054 1066

This setting gives no error but results in a black screen....

If one insteads skips the specification of ModeLines and let XFree86
figure it out (usingf the EDID values I assume) it starts up the X-server but again only displays a black screen.....

From the XFree86 log it seems to determine that "1400x1050" should use the basic settings of

"1400x1050" : 122.0 MHz, 64.9 KHz, 60.0 Hz

So why does that give a black screen ? I don't know .....

I have inlcuded the XFree86 log file from when I get the vrefresh out of range (generated using --logverbose 5). The log file when the screen goes black does not indicate any errors.

Anyone with some ideas?

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I should have read the "Known problems" for the new drivers before posting. Seems that their is a problem with the new drivers and Dell laptops in that the drivers initially turns off the display !

So, the modeline that worked really worked but due to this bug the display was turned off.

Installing a "Dummy lower res mod" and using Ctrl+Alt+'+' to switch back and forth will turn the display on again. And things suddenly works... with 'gears' giving a nice 1520 FPS.

Thanks again to the guys at NVidia that have taken the effort to produce high quality drivers! (If you guys want me to test new drivers on a Dell I'll be more than happy to do so)

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