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Default Re: Favorite IDE for Java

Originally Posted by Zhivago
Also, why does the false belief that Java is slow compared to C++ continue to persist? That used to be the case, but not for some time... check out some performance benchmarks sometime you guys.

If it is slower in some cases, it is most likely due to bad programming practices like disregarding the cost of object creation.
It's funny, several years ago I wanted to test how much slower Java ran on my computer compared to C. So I wrote a little porgram that looked for prime numbers using the exactsame algorithm in both languages and put a timer around the call. Then I let it run for ~10sec, ~1min and ~30min. They were both almost exactly the same speed.

I don't remember which C compiler I was using, and it may not have been the fastest, but the results still surprised me considerably.
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Default Re: Favorite IDE for Java

Originally Posted by jcrox
There is a way around that now apparently

real-time java is tricky and limits the platforms you can run on (Sun's implementation is Sparc Solaris 10 only, IBM's uses real-time linux). The RT JVM's are also not free (last I checked, it could cost thousands of $$$ per seat). If you don't have hard real time requirements, it seems like a lot of pain to go through just to get the garbage collector under control. It's mostly for applications where people could get hurt or die if the system is late responding to a task (for example, air traffic control). It's totally inappropriate for applications where application freezing is merely annoying (like a game).

The concurrent mark/sweep collector (a command line option in recent standard JVM's) does an ok job of limiting pause times in the GC (it's probably appropriate for the majority of applications out there), but it increases total time in the GC a bit.... and it can take a fair amount of fine tuning to get the pause times under control, especially if you need rather low pause times.... and it still doesn't guarantee you won't occasionally get a full GC that could take seconds or minutes depending on the app.
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