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Default NVIDIA 1.0-4349 and kernel issues

I attempted to install NVIDIA Accelerated Linux Driver release 1.0-4349 but X server fails to start, and my XFree86 log file contains the error: "(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!"

The module is NOT loaded ('/sbin/lsmod') and I don't know how to make to try loading it explicitly with 'insmod' or
'modprobe'. What can I do ? Consider I am newbie.

Also the /dev/nvidia* device files are missing. Which file shall I place there ?

Also /var/log/messages (prepended with "NVRM") are totally missing.

Regardless NVIDIA installation says everything has been successfully completed, I don't get any positive result at all. I am using NVIDIA GE 2 MMX 400 on Mandrake 9.1

Any help ?
Thanks !!!!
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Try doing (as root) /sbin/modprobe nvidia, then try X again. If you still get the same error in your logs, turn off PnP OS in your BIOS, and/or turn on Assign IRQ to VGA, and see if that helps at all.

There's also (as of today) a new release out again, 4363, so if the previous suggestions don't work, then that might be worth a shot.

Oh, almost forgot -- the /dev/nvidia* files will probably be created when you load the kernel module. Well, if they weren't created by the installer, that is.
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