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Default What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

What games are keeping you busy right now?

For the PC I can't find anything to play right now after Crysis, COD4, Orange Box.

TDU (dusted if off started playing again)

Mass Effect (still not done)
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)


The Witcher


Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

ut3 bot matches
stalker replay with some mods
world in conflict sp then more mp
texas holdem
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

Pc: 3D mark06

Console: Catchin up on the ps3 games ive missed.

Check Out
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

Nothing... School and work is my main focus right now.

(Last game I beat was Uncharted!)

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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

Oblivion. I got it when it first came out, then my PC fried. Recalled having it and just finished it up. Very good game. IMO.

The Witcher. Just started. Went from not interested to hooked!

F.E.A.R PM. God this game seems OLD. Timeshift certainly made the engine shine.

Diakatana. Yes, you read that right. Gametap has something like 100 free games you can play, that was one of them. I never finished that game, very good chance I never will...

COD 4 and ET:QW for my MP.
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

Armed Assault:Combat Operations+1.09 Beta+Cold War Rearmed Mod

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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

UT3, was playing TF2 for a bit last month but once I got UT3 it seemed kinda nubish.
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

There's an Arma 1.09 beta??

PC: nothing really, tho Sins of a Solar Empire is only days away

Console: Ghost Squad. I'm ranked 708 in the world!
ASUS N2M32 Deluxe W/l, AMD64 X2 4200+, 2x1gb paired Corsair DDR800, 8800GTS, Vista HP, Sony KDL40W2000
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o hai
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

For my multiplayer fix: Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat Source, and sometimes Zombie Panic Source.

For singleplayer I've been playing The Witcher and Gears of War(PC).
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

Just picked up Supreme Commander. I love it. economy management and big robots is my thing
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Default Re: What You Playing? (Feb 2008)

I'm still playing some 2007 games I couldn't play before because of lack of time. I just finished Lost Planet, and I'm playing Bioshock now (beaten about 50% I think). I have on queue The Witcher, CoD4, Universe at War, Stalker, Kane & Lynch and lots of UT3. And I want to replay Episode 2 with Cinematic Mod.
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