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Default Can I use my dremel to cut this hefty heatsink


Im looking to hack one of these things up to use on my mosfets.

Ive used a coping saw in the past to cut a similar sink and the result was not very pretty.

Will a dremel be able to give me a clean cut without too much hassle?
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Default Re: Can I use my dremel to cut this hefty heatsink

I did something similar w/ an old aluminum heatsink that I had to create a mosfet heatsink for my MB after removing the stock heatpipe based cooler. After cutting the alumunum, I epoxied to a piece of copper (using arctic silver epoxy) shaped to line up w/ the MB mounting clips. I'm not using it anymore, perhaps I should sell it on ebay?

Is the heatsink Alumimun? Hopefully so, anything else would be more difficult.
I would think it would be difficult to get a clean cut w/ a dremel. What tools do you have? I would use a saws-all or (if I didn't have one), a hack saw. A table vise would be helpful. I would then file and sand down the edge to make is smooth. I have a table top belt sander that I use primarly for sanding aluminum edges clean.

If you don't already have all of the required tools (and don't want to buy them), it may be cheaper to buy some purpose-built FET heatsinks.
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Default Re: Can I use my dremel to cut this hefty heatsink

dremel should be fine for that. LOL, I just cut off the door knob to one of my bathrooms with my 400XPR
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