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i had stability problems with my memory.... the only way to fix it was to up the voltage to 1.7v. i dunno why though... the memory is rated to run at 400mhz... but yes, it will run a little hotter at 400mhz, but now with my 1.7 voltage setting, i have no stability problems... windows xp is rock solid... but then again, i have massive amounts of cooling. my memory speed is set to 200mhz in the bios... for some reason it did not default to that though... my memory is corsair 3200 XMS (400mhz)
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I run my PC2100 crucial at 150 fsb at CAS2, bank to interleave 2t, lada lada lada.

It's stable on my soyo KT333lite, but I also have a huge case with massive airflow.

Sandra soft benches it a little faster than stock PC2700.

So i do believe that you can run the fsb at strange intervals on amd cores

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Originally posted by CoWBoY
Your DDR timings are 166 x 2 = DDR333. DDR400 will be 200 x 2.

Your CPU FSB at Default should be 133 x 4 = 533FSB or 100 x 4 = 400FSB if you have a 400Mhz version. If you are going to O/C your CPU, the only way to do it with Intel is through the FSB.

The Mulitplier is locked on a 400Mhz 2.4 at 24 (24 x 100 = 2400Mhz) and on a 533Mhz core it is 18 (18 x 133 = 2394Mhz).

So, if you have the 400Mhz version simply moving to 533Mhz bus will equate to 3.1Ghz. If you have a 533Mhz version raising the FSB to 174FSB would equate to 3.1Ghz.

Just keep in mind for the Intel 2.4Ghz:

400Mhz FSB = 4 x 100 (Multiplier locked @ 24)

533Mhz FSB = 4 x 133 (Multiplier locked @ 18)

I know that I can simply push my FSB from 133 to like 140 and my processor is then overclocked to 2.53Ghz. At the same time I know that I can lock my AGP so as not to effect video stability. But what is happening to the RAM in this case? With FSB normally being 133*18=2.4Ghz, how does that line up with 166x2=DDR333? Are FSB and memory clock not tied together in some way? Is overclocking FSB effecting memory clock?

I guess what I am wondering is weather or not I can leave my CPU at default FSB 133*4=533FSB/133*18=2.4Hhz while putting in XMS3200 and clock it to DDR400 while not effecting FSB and AGP. And if so, does it transversly effect system stability or performance?

This is an area I have been mildly confused about. I don't want to lay down the scratch to get DDR400 unless I can actually use it to it's fullest potential.

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eat. sleep. overclock.
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yes.. you leave your fsb and cpu speeds at the same. just increase the memory speed to 200mhz... (400mhz DDR)
and maybe cas2
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