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Default [Bug?] Ubuntu loses drivers after reboot (GeForce 7300)

I am facing a weird problem with my GeForce 7300.
After installing the latest Nvidia drivers (169.09) for Ubuntu 7.10,
everything (3d effects, glx) works absolutely perfect,
but only until the next reboot.
Specifically after reboot I get a warning message that my system runs on low resolution. The only way to fix this is to manually edit Xorg, and replace the "nvidia" drivers with "vesa" under Device Section.
Then I have to rerun the Nvidia script to recompile the drivers and my system works perfect again until the next reboot of course.

Please provide me with a working solution, because I suppose we can also understand that I can't keep doing compilation every time I switch on my pc.
Thanks in advance
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Default Re: [Bug?] Ubuntu loses drivers after reboot (GeForce 7300)

First guess: you installed the drivers by hand
and now there is a conflict between ubuntu provided modules and libraries and the ones provided by nvidia.

Do _not_ install the driver by hand.
Just don't. Nvidia should pack a big warning
above the driver download for ubuntu users,
as this is asked here about twice a week.

Please read
to solve this problem and don't install drivers by hand unless you have really good reasons to. And if you have good reasons: read the sticky posts in this forum first.


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Default [SOLVED] Ubuntu loses drivers after reboot (GeForce 7300)

For feedback reasons, I've solved my problem, the reason causing it was really weird. Although I have uninstalled from the synaptic package manager all the nvidia-glx-new drivers and the manager as well, there was a package left behind.
Just after removing it, everything works absolutely fine.

Thanks for the help
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