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Mahna Mahna
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Default Widescreen LCD help

I'm thinking about finally ditching this 21" tank of a CRT and getting a wide screen LCD but I know next to nothing about them.

I know lower response time is better but, how low does it need to be for gaming?? Is 5ms good? Or does a gamer really need 2ms?

What do you look for in contrast ratio? brightness?

I know Samsung has good products, what about Viewsonic? any other brands to look at?

thanks for the help


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Default Re: Widescreen LCD help

5ms is enugh, Samsung is 5ms, with some sort of burst mode for 2ms, dunno the exact details as I have a Packard Bell 22".

One thing tho, If your looking for cheap flatscreens there are different types, each with strength and weaknesses, so It's advisable to do some googeling as the really good quallity standards cost alot more (but tend to have slower respons time)

Also, LCDs can come in 8bit and 6bit, where 8bit is true 16.7m colors and 6 is not, not by far (each pixle can display 256x256x256 color tones, vs 6bit 64x64x64, so they use Dithering methods to even out colors)
However 6bit dithering is rather good these days so unless you work with graphics and such it'll be just fine. I can't really spot it on my screen for example and in moving games it's impossible id say (but I do know it is 6bit).

The Samsung is a very nice monitor, but they come in different revisions, and some are nutorious for having bad colors, however when properly calibrated or used with a fixed colorprofile, they perform within the promised specs of the original and look just as good, just takes a bit more work (they tend to be very strong on Blue for example).

EDIT: Oh yeah, on a personal notice, I prefer the flatscreens with a clear finish over matt ones. Colors get more vibrant but you get reflections on the screen if you have light sources behind you, easy to fix by having your ambient light from behind the flast screen
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Default Re: Widescreen LCD help

I like Viewsonics, they're great value and use good panels. As for responce times, most if not all are bull****. There are so many ways to skank it, it almost eliminates the point of specifying it. Black to black, gray to gray, etc, etc. And the responce time is of the panel and not the monitor as a whole. Much of the delay is in the electronics between the panel and the inputs. After reading up, a good rule of thumb is; the more you pay, the better responce rate. ie, if two monitors specify a 8ms RR, the expencive one will probably be 8ms where-as the cheap one probably won't. Or it might be a gray to gray time instead of black to black.

Brightness and contrast are self explantory. The higher contrast the better, really. As for brightness, if you're playing in a dull room, anything will do. If the screen is having to overcome reflections then a 600 brightness or more would be required. Again, that's a matter of opinion though.

I really am toying with the idea of going back to CRT's with my next screen. They're sooo much better at non-native res's and pixels arn't so sharp. Far less need for AA.
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Default Re: Widescreen LCD help

Just to enforce what Revs sayd here about response time, some manufacturers messures response over black and white, and results in a lower response say 2ms, but for color they are actually 5ms and so forth
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not coming back
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Default Re: Widescreen LCD help

I'm happy with my Dell 22 and Hyundai 19.
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