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Default Re: Time to build another awesome rig!

If he is so mega-rich, how about you guys build some for us too. ::
pay up

we charged our rich friend about 1500HKD for the build (roughly 190USD) depending on how much the computer costs. i didnt do much of the building so i didnt ask for the money. dont mind too much since its almost an honor just to build it for him, and to get some first-hand experience on some parts which i may buy in the future .
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Default Re: Time to build another awesome rig!

Dang....$6000 could a really really long way!
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Default Re: Time to build another awesome rig!

Originally Posted by Amuro
This bord doesn't like 1066 memory, with the current BIOS at least. I recommend you get something like the 2x2GB in my sig. I have the reaper HTC edtion that I bought from ebay as well, which is just the same memory but different cooling method.

Also, you need a fan blowing over the northbridge area otherwise you won't be able to run stable even at stock 1333FSB. When I got errors in memtest and prime95 blend test, I thougt my RAM was bad, so I bought some OCZ XTC RAM with same rated speed local (Hong Kong doesn't have the Reaper edition), but it turned out the RAM wasn't the problem. It was the northbridge overheating.
Heh, just put in 2x1gig sticks of my Corsair 1066 ram, have the quad set.
I ran a test install of vista with 2x1gig sticks of the 800 ram, guess I'll see what happens.

Once I knew it worked, I changed some cables and cleaned up the sloppy stuff that I found.
Wire management, etc..

Do you have your NB fan blowing into the heatsink or sucking heat away from it?

I always have mine sucking heat away from the heatsink otherwise you just blow the heat back into the motherboard plus other things in the area.

And how much did your NB temps drop?

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