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Default HDMI header to receiver

My motherboard has an:
HDMI_SPDIF header, providing SPDIF audio output to HDMI VGA card, allows the system to connect HDMI Digital TV/projector/LCD devices.

My video card only has DVI so can I hook this header up directly to my receiver?
I'm thinking of making a ? pin to RCA digital cable.
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Default Re: HDMI header to receiver

Well DVI doesn't carry SPDIF but yes if you get a SPDIF thingie (i'm thinking some kind of PCI card slot thing out the back) then yes.

Pics please.
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Default Re: HDMI header to receiver

My motherboard:

The brackets seem to have circuits.
Does a video card have a circuit?

I was just going to make a cable but I don't want to blow my receiver:
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Default Re: HDMI header to receiver

Be aware that all the computer related solutions for HDMI don't seem to support any of the new codecs.

All thes vid cards and mboards seem to only pass DD5.1 and DTS out the HDMI port. Not a true Linear Multichannel PCM signal. (which would contain something like TrueHD decoded via PowerDVD for exmaple)

The only way thus far to get these advanced codecs out to your reciever from an HTPC is via the analog outputs of your onboard HD Audio or HD supported soundcard. (and this of course defeates the purpose of that handy all in one HDMI connection)

I am aware of a new Asus mboard which claims it passes full HDMI audio out it's onboard HDMI port but of course this means you are stuck with their crappy onboard video card, then.
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