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Default Nvidia GF6600GT TV-out (s-video/composite)

I'm unable to get tv-out working on my 6600GT. Both with composite and S-video, I get diagonal colored scrolling lines all over the screen as if the signal is out of sync. It's like if you run your CRT with too high sync rates.

I only get this on a TV-card. When plugging into an ordinary tv, it doesn't even detect the signal (cause it's out of range I assume). I get the same behaviour in both Linux and Windows, and I have remembered to select the right standard (PAL-B). I've tried all kinds of resolutions and refresh rates / horisontal sync rates, they all yield that out-of-sync picture.

I haven't found anything similar on google, so does this mean my TV-out unit is fried or something? I'm suspecting this because I see sparks between the grounds of the male and female s-video connectors when connecting the tv to the card (possibly because of a ground loop), and this could have fried the output circuit on my 6600gt(?)
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Default Re: Nvidia GF6600GT TV-out (s-video/composite)

Well, it seems my graphics card has suddenly failed completely. All of a sudden, the screen went blank (on both of the DVI ports) and there's nothing wrong with the monitor or cables.
I guess it's time for a new card, but will it be an Nvidia??
I like ATI's open source initiative, so who knows
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