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Default GHOST 8 and WD SATA 500 GB HD

I've used Ghost a lot but recently I ran into a problem I haven't seen before. This is the first time I've used GHOST and GDISK on a SATA Hard Drive. What happened is this. I first installed Windows XP SP2 through the normal Boot CD method and then later I wanted to install a copy of WinXP Retail on Partition 2 (no sp's at all) to try out some stuff I was having problems with using SP2. So I used WinXP Disk Management to make the Second Primary Partition Active and Rebooted the System with the WinXP Retail Disc in the DVD. But when the Windows Setup got to the install screen it only showed 1 partition on the WD 5000AAKS Hard Drive which was wrong since it had 4 Primary Partitions on it. Then I exited WinXP Setup and then booted to a USB Thumb Drive with DOS and GDISK on it and when I used GDISK to get the Status of the Hard Drive is only showed 1 partition too. I tried to make Partition 1 Active again and it said it was already active but when I tried to Boot into Windows XP nothing happened. I ended up having to kill all the partitions and reinstall Windows which didn't make me very happy. So the question is, is there something special using GDISK and GHOST on an SATA drive? I've done this type of thing many times and never had any trouble with my last system which was E-IDE.

Thanks for any help because this has got me confused. The worst part is after I got the system going again I tried the same thing again (hard headed) and it did the same thing.

When I had my old system with an E-IDE Hard Drive I would make 4 Primary Partitions and then use WinXP Disk Management to make Partition 2 Active and then reboot and install another copy of WinXP on Partition 2 with no problem. I could then use WinXP Disk Management and make either Partition 1 or 2 Active and then reboot the computer to which version of the OS was on that partition. I used to keep WinXP Retail on the Second Partition to play some games that have given me trouble since I installed SP2 on the first partition.

So any info on what's going on here would be appreciated greatly.
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