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Default PSU Died...

Had a PSU die the other day and now that I've picked up a new unit, heh 'unit', I can't get the PC to boot up. Turn on the power and press the power switch, the CPU fan and some of the case fans twitch about 2 centimeters, but nothing else happens.

As I've never run into this problem before, my question is: Did the Motherboard fry when the power supply died?
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Default Re: PSU Died...

It is very possible if a PSU went bad that it could have taken other components with it. The easiest way to test a PSU is to get a paper clip and make a connection between the Green "power on" wire and one of the black ground wires on the main 20 or 24 pin power connector.



One link has pictures, the other one is a little easier to see which pins to jump. There should only be one green wire somewhere in the middle of the plug, and it doesn't matter which black wire as they are all grounds. Make sure you have the PSU unplugged before you do this and then plug it in to see if it spins the fan. Do this with both of them as it might even be possible that the old PSU still works, it was just the mobo that went bad.
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