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Default GeForce4MX TV Out to Widescreen TV

Has anyone had any success getting the TV out from a GeForce4MX (the internal NV17 encoder) working in a resolution other than the 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions 800x600 or 640x480?

I want to create a TwinView desktop on a 16:9 widescreen TV that is not horizontally stretched. A resolution such as 800x450 or 640x360 should preserve the aspect ratio, but I cant seem to find anyone who has successfully got these resolutions working.

I'm beginning to believe that the hardware only supports 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions...

The 4:3 resolutions are fine for DVD playback (by either not scaling an anamorphic source or horizontally scaling a true widescreen video stream prior to output), but not good for a rendering text to a window (eg for the navigation menus for a media player).

The only solution I can think of for this sort of thing is to render everything to an offscreen 16:9 aspect ratio bitmap, then scale that image to 4:3 (as for a widescreen DVD) and then copy it to the 4:3 display window - but this seems like a huge waste of CPU cycles and will most likely have bad effects on display quality.

Any thoughts?
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I don't think 16:9 is supported but you can try to use xfree86 modelines but that can be dangerous.

That other option you mentioned by scaling down the image is possible. I used it myself in the past. Atleast xine has a option to scale an image (on the fly). I thought it was the "a" button when using the official xine interface. What I did was to scale the image to 4:3 and on my tv it was then 16:9.
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