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Default Color problem (not that one)

I have a GeForce FX 5700 connected by svideo to my tv. Everything works fine, but the color is a bit off. In particular, reds and blues are far too bright and give everything a strange tint (caucasian faces look almost orange, for example). I did some searching and most of the hits I found talked about setting the XV_HUE setting or adjusting the hue property in totem. However, I don't think this is the same problem. For one thing, the problem isn't just when I'm playing movies. Icons and the title bars of windows, for example, have the same problems. Also, the suggestion to adjust XV_HUE seems to be dated. I'm running Fedora 9 and "xvattr | grep -i hue" returns nothing. I tried fiddling with the hue and color settings in Totem (and on my TV) and it doesn't have any effect. I know it's also not an nvidia problem because I had it before I installed the nv drivers, but I'm hoping that someone here will know how to fix it anyway. I also know it's not the TV, since when I'm using a dvd player or game console with it the colors look fine.

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