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Default Primary Display Device

So... onto my next project, heh.

No idea if there is assistance to be had here or not, but if people have insight to share I would love to hear it.

My laptop has a 9800M GTS (1GB) in it. The past couple laptops I had allowed me to (via the BIOS) set the external monitor as the primary display device (so, for example, the POST would show there instead of on the built-in screen).

This laptop, however, has almost no BIOS configuration at all (which is fine with me, aside from this). Anywho... Is there anyway to set such an option via the card directly. I do realize that something like that is probably outside the scope of normal use and as such may void my warranty and cause snails to rain down upon me whilst I am beaten with sticks. So I would act on any advice with caution.

The reason for this is just because the laptop is at home connected to this monitor 99% of the time, so I'd like to be able to see the POST, Grub, and rest of the boot process there (as well as have it end up as the target for VTs).

Not sure it makes a difference, but it's a Gateway P-7805u FX.

Thanks all!
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