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Default Do i have a chance ...

... to get back to the "3123 - driver" from "NVIDIA" with "RedHat 9" and the "new way" to install the driver?! My machine i sit in front of is an "Dell - Inspiron 8000 - notebook" and now i have some trouble to play games like "ksnake" for example, there are no more 'fluently' graphics by moving the snakes.
May be someone out there by the web have the same machine and system as me - i would be lucky to get informed!

(Sorry for my way to write in the english language - i'm coming from europe.)

Best Regards

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Tom, you cannot install the old version driver (31.23) with the new installer method.

If you wish to use that driver, you must uninstall the newer version (using the installer to uninstall) and then install the old version.

There is no guarentee that 31.23 works with RedHat9, I do not know anyone using it.

You would need to install the old version using the source tarball as described in the readme, there is no redhat9 specific rpm.
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