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Default Overheating GTX280 Bios version

I have a GTX280 that overheats fast.
It is a Leadtek GTX280 with the Bios version 62.00.0C.00.00

Someone with a GTX280 wich runs fine has the Bios version 62.00.0E.00.01
Could an old Bios be the problem?
What version do you guys have?
What Brand is your card?
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Default Re: Overheating GTX280 Bios version

I have an EVGA GTX 280 FTW (I ordered an SSC, but there was an FTW in the box and the serial numbers match... ), BIOS 62.00.0e.00.06. It idles around 51 (44-45 ambient), I haven't seen it go over 70 under load (usually mid 60's). This card is actually cooler running than my old 8800 Ultra KO was... Double bonus!

EVGA is already aware of the bonus I received and is OK with it, so no need for the snarky remarks some are going to be tempted to make.
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Default Re: Overheating GTX280 Bios version

It's not the bios. People with reference cards get it, and people with EVGA bios, BFG bios etc. The problem lies in the hardware itself, either bad assembly, a bad sensor or just a bad gpu...
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Default Re: Overheating GTX280 Bios version

Yeah I got curious and unboxed my RMA to take a look and give the tests a few more tries, but still having the same overheating problem. My BFG GTX 280 OC is using BIOS version: 62.00.0E.00.OF and I am having massive overheat problems even on cold starts with the case sides off, thus not ambient temp / case airflow issues. I will also agree with Lfctony, it isn't the BIOS, nor case airflow, nor poorly contacting heatsink, but something defective with the GPU itself (possibly the heatspreader to silicon contact or perhaps simply defective silicon).
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