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Default Vista & Bluetooth Headsets

Anyone know a good fix for this problem? I know Vista has built in Bluetooth support but this actually doesn't support Headsets due to missing profile support. Anyone know a good non performance hurting fix? I got one off the logitech websites but applications either crash on exit or lag upon startup when using my headset.
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Default Re: Vista & Bluetooth Headsets

Headset as in a right and left headphone plus a mic?

I think I'm having a similar problem. I have a Jabra BT620S:

...which is a stereo bluetooth headphone with a built-in mic. I thought I'd get a bluetooth dongle and see if I could use the whole setup, mic included in Vista. Its primary use is to accompany my Samsung Blackjack Smartphone.

I can get the headphones to work in stereo, but I think for the headset to work I have to switch to mono. Or that's what Vista's telling me... in the review section of Newegg for my bluetooth dongle (Cirago BTA-6060) apparently users haven't had trouble getting both the headphones AND headset to work in XP... meh... that's what I wanna do...


so magus, what is your headset and what is your bluetooth adapter?

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Default Re: Vista & Bluetooth Headsets

Motorola H12 and its built into my laptop.
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Default Re: Vista & Bluetooth Headsets

build in ok, but what kind is it? does it require broadcom stack? toshiba stack? or bluesoiel stack?

what standard? 1.2? 2.0? 2.1?

bluetooth is a big mess, to many versions, not compatible software sometimes, to many software types. who ever started all this bluetooth stuff didn't plan this out every well.
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Default Re: Vista & Bluetooth Headsets

Stacks not the issue, it will work with mice and anything else but if you want to use a Bluetooth Headset (mic) then windows starts asking for a driver. I got a misc driver on the logitech forum where its being discussed the issue but it causes performance problems when the headset is being used.
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