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Default Re: Next "Monster" PC game??

2 gigs was recommended for BF2, and that was in 2005!
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Default Re: Next "Monster" PC game??

Yea Vietnam really needed 1GB and BF2 really needed 2GB.

I expect BF3 to be more taxing, but it's almost certainly going to be on the Frostbite engine, so maybe it'll be more memory efficient than the previous engines.

Plus it's not really feasible to have more than 2GB of RAM in 32-bit XP and I don't think we're reading for 64-bit Vista only games yet.
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Default Re: Next "Monster" PC game??

I believe it's better not to see any game as "Monster" or whatever. Look what happened to crysis. Best game ever, holy **** teh grafiks!!!...and look how it ended up.

Anticipation feeds expectation. I was excited when blizzard announced diablo III but after playing TQ these days, I know I won't see a ton of grand breaking things to this ARPG. Sure, blizzard knows how to do games but that's not the point. Monster title would be something much better from similar games in its category.

Pesimist? No. I just don't want to be too excited about something and if that lives a bit lower to my expectations, find it not that great. My examples, Bioshock, Dark Messiah, DOD:S, etc. I know a lot will disagree with some of these games but remember I was one with you, in the line of anticipation. They are not bad games, but good. I thought of them as "monster" releases and when I found they weren't to ME, I moved on to something else..
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Default Re: Next "Monster" PC game??

Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
Yes BF2 was very taxing on hardware, specifically system memory.
boy I remember that!
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Default Re: Next "Monster" PC game??

i still play BF2
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Default Re: Next "Monster" PC game??

Originally Posted by JigenD View Post
That's a good one, I think if the shots aren't BS and the shadowing is real time that will be a game to push PCs.
If they keep the stella gameplay that is in MAFIA, i will gladly buy the necessary hardware to make MAFIA 2 fly..... gimme gimme gimme.
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