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Default Re: MSI GeForce GTX 260 - $229 AR

Originally Posted by shabby View Post
It only took 6 weeks to lose almost half its price, unbelievable. This should be a lesson to everyone who bought it on the first day... never do it again.
Do you even know whyt hey dropped? Cards never drop like this. just look at how long the 8800GTX stayed beyond the $400 range. That is because there was no competition. ATI has finally come up with cards that can compete with Nvidia, thus the price drops. Call my fanboi but I will always take Nvidia over ATI. No I did not buy my GTX 260 at retail but I did buy my 9800GTX before the price drop and stepped up to the 260. Gotta love EVGA!
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Default Re: MSI GeForce GTX 260 - $229 AR

Originally Posted by azanon View Post
Cards don't lose half their price in 6 weeks every time. This is the only (outright silly) claim I disputed. I'm accusing you of making this claim because you wanted us to "learn out lesson" from it as if to imply this always happens.

I paid retail for my GTX 260 - $399 (and yes, I'm getting money back from eVGA). Even today, they're not $200 so we're still waiting for "half price"! Want my suggestion? Don't hold your breath for this being anytime soon (sans the dreaded rebate).

If I had also contacted Newegg during the initial massive price drop, I would have made money on this ordeal ($399 - up to $100 from Newegg - $60 from eVGA). So maybe the lesson should be to buy with the price is unfairly high!?!
I haven't seen the price drop to $200, more like $300 or including VAT in the UK 180 which is what I paid for mine.

I think it at this price it is a steal TBH.


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