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Henry stauf
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my monitor was 250 (CDN) when I bought it. Pretty cheap 19" monitor but good features...

did a good job, samsung...
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My monitor (21" Nokia) can do 2048x1536 (unofficially) , but for some reason, it can't do 1920x1440

What kind of framerate are you getting when you play this high?
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I got this 19" by micronpc.com or something, it's based on a trinitron or diamondtron, I forget. But, it can do 2048x1536 at 70hz. I have to modify the video card driver inf files to get that working, of course, and the picture gets a little blurry (the best thing i could afford at the time I got it).
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druga runda
Zeus Gromovnik
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And who needs AA when you can run the game at this resolution.

this is better than 4x AA at 1600x1200.

This is jaggie free for sure. Even on this screenshot which is so big I can barely see jaggies.
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Originally posted by JohnsonLKD
2nd proof...

That monitor is curved as a fish bowl

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I believe to get resolutions your monitor doesn't officially support, you need to uncheck a box. To do this, go to Display Properties>Settings tab>Advanced button>Monitor tab, and uncheck "Hide modes this monitor cannot display". If you still can't get the resolution and refresh rate you want, then uninstall the monitor drivers and use the default Plug N Play one that comes with Windows. That should do the trick.

FWIW, my old Samsung 950p 19" could go up to 2048x1536@68hz. Looks pretty sweet, but very tiny in games. I much prefer 1600x1200 4x FSAA over it anyday.
Matt Burris - 3DGPU.com
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