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well thx for trying to help i really appreciate it
im not versed well enough to actually start installing linux pacakages by themseves when you got to do some configureing to them
maybe in a few weeks after doing more reading and hopefully more understanding of the workings of linux packages ill fell more secure in doing that
i thought though i guess it was kinda naive
to think this
that a installer from a brand name product such as nvidia would actually be fairly easy to do
odd from what ive read that different linux packages will install in slgighty different ways
to bad they cant make a package that is not kernel based
maybe sometime or someway in the future they will be able to install with out any dependincies at all
other then the driver itself
oh well just a thought might make sense it might not
but thx all for trying to help
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well all i can say to you, is that for a lack of better terms i think you are scared of linux...these things aren't really all that difficult, i think you are making yourself think it is difficult...of course your not going to be able to download it and install it without reading anything, but i guaruntee you if you just got the files and read what to do, i think you will have no problems, if you took a couple hours out to read what you should do to get this going...its just a thought and hell if you dont' wanna give another kick at the can, then so be it, its up to you....but i am just saying i think you are making things seem a little more difficult than they actually are..
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Old 05-17-03, 07:55 PM   #39
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well ozz not really
what so ever
think about it
never programing out side of doing some minor html
going directly into what seems to be a os/network that has dependencies that i do not understand
yes it is my intention to read just like i have done so since before i loaded it in
never working with a iso image before i had to read what to do to make that work
and so on and so on
but changing versions of software even in windows can cause problems
so to say for now it is a bit more complicated then my understanding of it is is a perfectly logical statment
to mess with software in the way of linux or dos or any command prompt envirometn has aspects that will affect your whole system
as far as windows goes you click on a exe file or msi file and wala it does all the work for you
that is what i mean as far as the nvidia installer it actually has to work with the exact kernel that is on the system as far as my reading goes to have a driver kernel specific is understandable but it would be much better for all sorts of envirometns if it was not kernel specific that is what i was trying to say
so for me to go into the kernel or any other part of the os at the moment and to make changes with out understanding what im doing really is not a smart idea
i do not cheris the idea of contiuneing to reload a os/network just because one specific driver messes it up
it just isnt woth the effort to spend countless days to get something to work
not to trash nvidia ive used there products for a long time
but to make someting even anywhere in the linux eviroment not just nvidia but anyone
to make it so that it is more complicated to install something then it is to just leave it be does not make it that much of a choice as of what is known as user friendly
ive loaded as stated redhat as a purely test enviroment for me to see if it is really a worthwhile prospect outside of windows
so far i have to say not likely
the user friendly atmosphere in the software is not there yet
to make someone a semi programmer to make a os/network continue to work at top ends or to add or subtract software with adverse afects on other software well thats not user friendly
working with windows so long and the basic understandings of c++ html and vb nothing has to be that hard
the manuels are not even user friendly
ive read no less then 12 so far
think about it if you never used a car before and by the time you get to the third page of the manual it starts talking about vertical balance on turns your gonna go wow what does that mean
instead of saying when you turn your car at a fast rate of spead your car will tend to have more of a tendency to topple
ive used the info command for linux for days now and the man commands
to read about the software and variables in linux there all greek by the time you get past the first paragraph by then ther eall talking about second and third type commands instead of how it works and a basic idea of what it is your doing
nothing has to be that hard
well anyway thx for the help but im not willing to waste any more time on a video driver if they ever update it and it actually becomes compatable with redhat 9 100% then maybe then ill reload it
but i do have to say if i ever become a beliver in linux over windows as a primary source for a os if nvidia cant make it more easier then haveing to worry about a driver building itself agaist a part of the system then maybe my days of nvidia will be over but for now im not that set on linux over window
its nice to use computers been useing them daily for over 15 years usser friendly is the only way to make us all happy
if i always wanted to work out of a command prompt to make sure i get the best out of my system i would have stayed with dos years ago for sucah a small os dos still out does anyone as far as command power compare the size of installs windows xp near a gig linux redhat over 2 gigs dos near 35-50 megs
well talk to ya later guys thx for trying to help
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Old 05-17-03, 11:48 PM   #40
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Join Date: May 2003
Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
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well it is all user opinion, and i think you know that too...the user friendliness has spoiled people and that is one reason people don't want to get their feet wet using GNU/Linux...i personally love the challenge and love the text base enviroment....but good luck to whatever you use...and btw i have to say its kinda wrong when you said redhat takes 2 gigs to install...it only takes 2 gigs to install because you made it take 2 gigs...i guaruntee you that you will not even use have the stuff that was installed nor will you even experiment with half of it...personally my install is a little over three gigs cause i pretty much installed everything, just in spite....but anyways with that said...have fun with whatever you end up doing
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