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Default graphical corruptions in kde4/qt-apps

Hi there,

for those of you experiencing the graphical corruptions/lags with qt4-apps or kde4-apps,

enable both options concerning "Sync to VBlank", this should solve the coarsest ...

X Screen 0 > X Server XVideo Settings > [x] Sync to VBlank

X Screen 0 > OpenGL Settings > [X] Sync to VBlank

the advantage is that for this you don't need to enable this setting in the compiz-fusion settings (ccsm) or kde4 system-settings

hope this helps some of you
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Default Re: graphical corruptions in kde4/qt-apps

I would add that when displaying video whilst using a compositor disables xv vsync... It is slightly better if you choose a ogl renderer for video (but does not remove the problem and uses more cpu power too). I would also point out that with mplayer on nvidia cards ogl produces a much sharper and less blocky image than using xv.

I dunno if op was talking generally or just video (xvideo settings shouldn't change general corruption issues).

p.s. Kwin automatically sets it's framerate at vsync, which explains why it insists on sticking to 50Hz when I have dynamic twinview enabled and the more proper 62 Hz when it is disabled (makes me question what the vsync box does in kwin settings).
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