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Default BIOS GeForce 6200 to 6600 mod, bad Device ID, please help

Hello, I am new to this forums, got the impression that nvidia/nvidia linux drivers developers read this as well and decided to try here. I described my problem on our two local forums, with no luck. I want to mention one thing, that it's no longer about preformance, I don't care about it now, it's about discovering why things happen the way they do. I cannot understand the situation I faced after upgrading the BIOS, and I want to know the reason(and the way to fix it), that's all, I'm curious. After knowing the reason and the way to make things right, then I can discuss preformance.

1. How did it all start?

I have GeForce 6200 PCI-E graphic card, (this model. We all know that in these cards we can unlock extra 4 pixel pipelines(as far as I know, it's best to do it on 128bit versions). That's what I wanted to succeed by replacing the original BIOS with the 6600's one(this model's BIOS). Same parameters, differences: 4 extra pixel pipelines and memory clock speed 550Mhz(500Mhz in 6200 BIOS).

ps. am I the only one who thinks that these two GeForces has no physical differences(build, cooling)?

2. The results, and what does not work

From the one side, everything works, 8 pixel pipelines unlocked, memory clock speed set to 550Mhz, but if we look from the other side, something is wrong. You probably will ask, "What?". Here's your answer.

I am confused by the Device ID of my graphic card after re-flashing the BIOS. It's "GeForce Go 6600GT"(0x0149). I thought I re-flashed BIOS from GeForce 6600(0x0141 for PCI-E version, 0x00F2 for AGP version), not GeForce Go 6600GT's one.

3. Self-attempts to fix the problem

Here's what I've tried to solve this case. Firstly I changed memory clock speed from 550Mhz(6600's default settings) to 500Mhz(not to break my graphic card, then my main goal was to unlock 4 extra pixel pipelines) using NiBiTor run with Wine(I use GNU/Linux). I thought that this might be Wine's fault, so I tried to use non-modified BIOS, same, card got identified as GeForce Go 6600GT.

Also, I opened BIOS I flashed in NiBiTor and Nvidia BIOS Modifier, to check how does it see Device ID in Hex. Both programs show good values, 0x0141. I made screenshot to show you what I saw in both programs, you may find it here. I tried bios from mvktech.net(direct link), and from Gigabyte's site. From Gigabyte's site I used the F3 version.

I tried to set in my motherboard's BIOS to reset slots configuration after reboot, still, no difference.

ps. to flashing new BIOSes I use nvflash which I run under FreeDOS.

4. Other observations

I found one situation very interesting. Here's what I did. I flashed F1 BIOS from mvktech.net and after that I tried to update it to F2 version using Gigabyte's utility, that comes with F2 version of BIOS. This utility, I think won't allow you to upgrade firmware when there is any mismatch, but it worked. It seems everything is ok if Gigabyte's utility allows my to update to F2 version of 6600 BIOS, but still, Linux tells me that I have "GeForce Go 6600GT", not just "GeForce 6600".

I also tried to erase EEPROM from my card(using nvflash 5.12) and flash one of the BIOS files from Gigabyte's site, no luck, GPU mismatch error. Also after erasing EEPROM content, I wasn't able to flash 6600 BIOS using command "nvflash.exe file_name.rom", and my card was still recognized as "GeForce Go 6600GT", more detailed info that I saw using nvflash after erasing EEPROM was: "Adapter: NV43(149h) (10DE,0149,1458,3124)"(using command "nvflash.exe --version" if I remember correctly). I needed to flash 6600 BIOS using force metod, I mean command "nvflash.exe -4 -5 -6 file_name.rom".

I thought that these things may happen because I am using FreeDOS, but no. Because when I flash back my 6200 BIOS everything is ok, device is recognized as "GeForce 6200"(0x014F).

Also tried to set BIOS Device ID to 0x00F2, it's GeForce 6600 AGP version one. Same situation, Linux saw it as "GeForce Go 6600GT".

One more thing, even when my card got identified as "GeForce Go 6600GT", nvclock(command "nvclock -i"), version 0.8beta3 said something like that about VideoBIOS:

-- VideoBios information --
Signon message: NX62128D F1
Performance level 0: gpu 300MHz/memory 500MHz/100%
So, even for "GeForce Go 6600GT" nvclock still saw no difference in my VideoBIOS(same information as for 6200).

btw. Before flashing 6600 AGP BIOS(using 177.70 (BETA) linux nvidia driver version), when I was flashing PCI-E 6600 BIOS I was using 173.14.12 nvidia linux drivers.

So here's the think, I hope someone will be able to explain me why things happen the way they do, maybe developers will be able to tell me something. Please help.
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