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Default nvidia-settings script as daemon


I had this idea to run a script with nvidia-settings as a background daemon to record the GPU temp. But when I do as root in a vt something like:

nvidia-settings -c 0:0.0 --query [gpu:0]/GPUCoreTemp

I get:

ERROR: Cannot open display '0:0.0'.

Of course under X logged on as user when I do:

nvidia-settings --query [gpu:0]/GPUCoreTemp

I get:

Attribute 'GPUCoreTemp' (debian:0[gpu:0]): 34.

Has anybody heard of running nvidia-settings in the background?

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Default Re: nvidia-settings script as daemon

Well, it's certainly possible to do.

Here's some shell-script code which allows you to connect to a running X-server from a daemon script outside of the X-server:

# For all open X displays, set up the X-display's environment
# (DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY variables).
# This code does not need to be run from within an X-session.
for dispsocket in /tmp/.X11-unix/X*; do

    # Find out who is logged on to the display
    dispuser=`who|grep "(:$dispnum)"|awk '{print $1}'`

    # Find home directory of user
    homedir=`getent passwd $dispuser|cut -d: -f6`

    # Set up XAUTHORITY
    [ -n "$homedir" ] && XAUTHORITY="$homedir/.Xauthority"
    export XAUTHORITY

    # Set up display variable (always needed)
    export DISPLAY=":$dispnum"

    # Run commands/clients which need to talk to the running X-server here.
    # Use 'su $dispuser -c "command"' if this script runs as root, and should
    # run the command on behalf the user currently logged into X.

    # $ nvidia-settings -q foobar
    xdpyinfo # example, print info about X server
The idea was taken from a certain Catalyst/fglrx ACPI shell-script which changes the GPU power mode on ACPI events, and which is obviously called from outside of running X context (like from the ACPI daemon). Use this at own risk, no guarantees and all that .
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Default Re: nvidia-settings script as daemon

Great! Let me give that a whirl!

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