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Default Re: 177.xx double free or corruption in libGL

There is no real solution to your issues. Hacks for limiting the amount of memory wine reserves or to allow more virtual memory for libraries in linux are plain workarounds. The use of a 32-bit kernel won't really help as Wine is still reserving a lot of memory. That fix I mentioned is the only real solution but as you saw there are issues with it on nvidia 64-bit systems at the moment. On 32-bit the slowdowns don't occur, so in combination with that patch 32-bit could be a reasonable workaround for now.
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Default Re: 177.xx double free or corruption in libGL

out of curiosity would swapping trigger the same problem? Or are pages in swap dealt with differently?

In that case either compcache or tmpfs with a swap file on it might be a hackish workaround that doesn't require going 32bit/experimental patches.
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Default Re: 177.xx double free or corruption in libGL

Is there any more news on this? Have the exact same problem on 64-bit gentoo, wine 1.1.5 and nvidia drivers 180.29 on a gtx 260 and 4gb ram. I am however on xorg, x11 7.2.
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Default Re: 177.xx double free or corruption in libGL

I am hoping for good news on this soon.

I am having this problem still as well. Have tried work arounds from several forums as well with no luck. Currently I have my kernel limited to 3G (out of 5) and if I put all graphics settings at minimum and do not go into Dalaran I can play WoW for a couple hours farming or questing without a crash, but I'm not able to raid, run heroics or go anywhere busy.

Fedora 10 x86_64 (disk install not upgrade; fully updated, SCIM and related packages removed)
9800 gt 1G
AMD Phemonx4
Wine 1.1.15 (installed through yum)
Nvidia driver 180.29 (installed through yum)

I have reinstalled the game in a fresh .wine directory, no add-ons, all game and wine/cfg settings as recommended at winehq and wiki and have reinstalled my video driver to try and be sure nothing in either the driver or wine was corrupted.
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