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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

OMG jeffmd got me started ...........Im a huge GW fan i love guild wars i got a lvl 20 of every char my fav again would be a necro ironically close to the lock in wow although i havnt been playing the last year or so getting kinda board of doing nothing but sorrows furnace runs ......but i cant wait for gw2 its been what 2yrs or more oh well it better be good people should really try it theres no monthly fee either you should pick up the 1st one to try it or even the 2nd factions or the 3rd nightfall i would suggest the 1st and the eye of the north expansion to get a feel but if you wanna go in order by all meens...................and if you dont wanna get the 1st one when gw2 comes out get it you wont regret it i hope...lol.......
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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

I still play on and off. Mostly off but I gets me a fixin for a week or two then I don't play again for a couple(or more) of months.

I'll be honest, this game I think has ruined gaming for me. Can't really explain why but I just cannot stay interested in any other games(especially during the wow hay-days lol). I think it's just because at first this game offered so much.

Saying that though I can't stay interested in this game at all currently and pinned it from just being bored by it. Maybe it's more my age and just losing interest in gaming all together as life has gotten more complex(like having a 1 year old now).
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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

I played WoW for way too long. Got 4 toons up to level 80 and did the gear grind until my eyes bled. Finally gave it up this past January and haven't regretted it. I may come back when Cataclysm comes out. We'll see.
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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

I re-installed wow just the other day, Noticed i had a 7 day free trial because i hadnt played in a long long time.

Man wow is damn boring compared to Age of Conan!
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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

I'm a huge GW fan
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Default Re: I wana play WoW!

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
I'm at 70 already, so obviously I can deal with it. A lot of ppl gank, but most of the time, if you don't attack someone, they won't attack you back. But if you do, they're coming back with friends most of the time.

I'm a frost mage. We got a real nice buff with 3.02, and my gear is half-decent (got some PvP epics), so I can pretty much hold my own.
This depends on the server, and the balance. I've done some lvling on 2 PvP realms, barthilas where I have horde, and thaurissan where I have ali. On barth it's pretty much as you describe. You see a little action but up through the 40s it isn't really that much.

On Thaur it's a different story entirely; though the realm population is like 3.51 horde to 1 ali. Around 18-30 you are seeing a little ganking (akin to what one didn't see on barth till STV). STV there is about what Tanaris is on Barth. Tanaris, forget it, it's easier lvling in the random dungeon finder. There's 80 horde there all day who will AoE down the Gadgetzan gaurds to gank you (well perhaps not all day, but you get my drift). And mind you, you know they're geared to AoE down lvl 77s without sweating or feeling it much.

Latter on, well... The WGs usually don't go well and don't tend to change hands; basically it's over when it starts most of the time though perhaps some finally started getting better at it, else the horde got bored of doing VoA all the time I never saw anything like that on other realms, and I had played on others, including some PvP such as Barthilas.

Now mind you, I'm no angel. I've killed low lvls before when I happen to be there; though I hadn't exactly spent my entire day camping areas (outside the standard old raid on SS/Tarren Mill, Westfalls/x-roads, etc. I think some must spend their entire days, and well bliz could stand to balance the population a lil more by perhaps opening free realm transfers to one faction only and closing off the creation of chars to the other faction entirely to those who don't have that faction on the server already. But in the end that will be for them to decide.
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