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Default Samsung Spinpoint F1 and nVidia... on linux


just thinking about buy a Samsung Spinpoint F1 (1 tb) when I came across a few reports about problems with nVidia chipsets.
I've read that solution is likely to disable NCQ from BIOS.

My question is:
I'm going to need to do the same even under linux ?
Or maybe this workarounds applies only to make the drive work on windows ?

Thanks for any answer
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Default Re: Samsung Spinpoint F1 and nVidia... on linux

The spinpoint is generally bashed for firmware bugs.

Only very recent kernels provide NCQ at all, so you would be safe.

But why bother? I don't think this is a good drive. The only reason to buy it is that it has a much better error rate given than the regular .11 seagates. The error rate of the F1 is the same as for the Seagate ES drives. But who knows how they come up with that number, and in any case Samsung doesn't even specify uptime allowances for their drives.

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