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Default GF8200: No onboard HDMI VIDEO out with latest drivers. Motherboard GA-M78SM-S2H

Good day all,

Whilst I have seen other laptops etc with my problem, I have not seen any specific post regarding my motherboard.

Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?
Is there a workaround I do not know about?

Any help appreciated.


No HDMI video output to LCD monitor or Plasma TV when using drivers 177.* and above.
No HDMI video output using DVI to HDMI converter to Plasma or LCD monitor when using drivers 177.* and 180.*
Bios and Boot messages display OK over HDMI until X starts. Then just a blank initialized screen with no output showing. Screen Does not go to sleep, just displays a blank screen.

Driver v173.14.12 work fine Using VGA output or DVI output or HDMI output or using a DVI to HDMI converter but has limited support for my onboard graphics card GF8200.

Motherboard: Gigabyte Socket AM2+, GA-M78SM-S2H, GF8200,PCIe16,HDMI/DVI/VGA with onboard GF8200. Latest Bios
OS: Hardy Heron: Up to date.

I am running a Mythbox and would like the latest drivers for the 2D acceleration and of course for all the new options in the drivers.

If I Install Nvidia Drivers v173.14.12 everything works fine bar the display quality that for me has improved a lot with the latest drivers. VGA output work. HDMI output works. DVI output works.

If I install Nvidia Drivers v177.* or 180.* then VGA works fine. DVI works fine. HDMI shows boot messages and bios messages up to where X starts. Then a blank display. Using a DVI to HDMI converter that DOES work with driver v173.14.12 also does NOT work on Drivers v177.* or 180.*. Same symptoms as using the HDMI direct output from motherboard.

Attaching a second monitor to the VGA output whilst having the HDMI device attached and running nvidia-settings, shows that the HDMI device is correctly detected by model and name etc. I can save the EDID, select from the resolutions and refresh rates etc. I can enable/disable the HDMI attached monitor/LCD but nothing is ever displayed. Actually, disabling the HDMI device makes the monitor go into Sleep mode. Enabling the HDMI device in nvidia-settings wakes up the monitor permanently (until disabled again) but nothing is displayed.

As my 52" Plasma has a VGA input and an HDMI input, I need to use the HDMI input to Plasma.

Even when I used Nvidia Drivers v173.14.12 the HDMI input on plasma showed a very visible improvement over using the VGA input to Plasma in display quality. Thus my preference for using the HDMI input on the plasma.

If anybody can help I would appreciate it.
Please note that this motherboard does not have any jumpers to switch between DVI or HDMI. It is always enabled, Either DVI output or HDMI output, never both at the same time.

Thank You
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Default Re: GF8200: No onboard HDMI VIDEO out with latest drivers. Motherboard GA-M78SM-S2H

Sound like this http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=120102 issue
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Default Re: GF8200: No onboard HDMI VIDEO out with latest drivers. Motherboard GA-M78SM-S2H

Thank You.

It does indeed unfortunately.

I thought I might wait as it is such a glaring bug that NVIDIA will definitely notice it pronto and fix it.

However now at least 3 versions later it does not look like it will get fixed.

Problem is that an add-in card (purchased to prove my problem - GF7600) does not exhibit the problem. However in an HTPC the extra heat buildup is unacceptable to leave the add-in card in place.

Rock/Hard Place/Rock/Hard Place.
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