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Old 09-03-02, 05:33 AM   #13
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Yeh! She is too sexy for my shoes. :P

Is it in 1 of those drama movies?
"Never before has any voice dared to utter the words of that tongue in Imladris, Mr. Anderson" - Elrond LOTR
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Yes, very good game, I beat it yesterday and enjoyed all of it, good story line and good ending, worth playing all the way through
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Fat Tuna
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Originally posted by Typedef Enum

I must ask the question...The image that you use...who is that chick? She looks familiar, but I cannot put a finger on it...?
It's Jennifer Connelly, who has been in A Beautiful Mind, Requiem for a dream, and dark city. I saw the full picture of it on a magazine at Barnes and noble, then went and found it online, because she looks so damn good in it.
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DAMN this is a good game!
My only issue with the gameplay so far is that racetrack level...didn't enjoy that much...but the storyline is top notch, performance could be a bit better, loads too much, boggin the system down a lot...
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The Baron
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Random OT post..... Requiem for a Dream is THE most disturbing movie EVER.
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Originally posted by =SSC=The Baron
Random OT post..... Requiem for a Dream is THE most disturbing movie EVER.
Yes it was actually... But she is a good actor to watch. Or just to look at period
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Old 09-18-02, 12:37 AM   #19
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"I got it yesterday, and haven't played too much yet, but it seems pretty fun. The performance is not very good though; I play at 1024x768 with all the details up, and get anywhere from 17-35 fps when I play. Not good for a 2.3 ghz. Perhaps it's my old video card..."

I am sick and tired of this **** too. Can't anyone make a game that runs decently anymore? Fragile in your sig it says radeon 9700 pro which is the fastest vid card on the market right. Plus a 2 ghz + processor? WTF? Um and someone else with a gf4? Wtf? That game should EXTREMELY fast with those systems. 35 fps is not fast. It should run at about 60 minimum. God learn to program an engine.
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Old 09-18-02, 02:17 AM   #20
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I had a crush on her, when I was a kid, after seeing Labyrinth. She's just as much a beauty in Pollock (excellent film) as she was in The Rocketeer. She doesn't even really look 32, if you ask me. Fine wine, I tell ya.

Huh? Oh, and Mafia is a pretty cool game.
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Old 09-27-02, 10:10 PM   #21
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i got mafia today(9-27-02) basically i was tired of waiting for other games to be released (like ut2003 & nolf2) so i bought it, and have been intensly into since installing it. it takes a little while to get use to this type of gameplay but it is a well done game. my advice.."if you havent bought it, go to the nearest store and grab it" ......" it rocks! http://mafia.godgames.com/main.html
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