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Default HDMI glitching on new Plasma

I've just replaced a 1080p LCD monitor with a 1080p Plasma TV on my HTPC (F12/MythTV), and I'm getting glitching under certain conditions.

I have no problems during POST, bootsplash, or with the MythTV menu, but the display starts having issues when playing back video (Xv, OpenGL, and VDPAU). I get occasional horizontal lines, and large blocks of the current frame superimposed briefly in random locations. The glitches are accompanied with sound dropout (HDMI/LPCM on the same card).

If I pause playback I still get the glitches, so it's not a decoding/playback issue. After I stop playback and return to the menu, I may still see glitches for a few seconds.

I have the same issues with xine and xscreensaver, so it appears to be motion-related. None of the vsync options has any impact. Composite is disabled.

If I disconnect the new TV and connect the old LCD (with or without restarting X), it plays perfectly. When I switch back, it glitches again, so it doesn't appear EDID-related.

There are no problems with other sources on the TV (PS3/STB). Connecting via the PC input (D-SUB) also has no issues, but is limited to 1280x1024.


Fedora 12 (x64)
Tested with drivers 190.42 through 195.36.15
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Default Re: HDMI glitching on new Plasma

I setup a Windows 7 dual-boot on the same hardware, and this doesn't exhibit any issues (with either stock or the latest drivers). With hardware compatibility issues eliminated, I'm left with either misconfiguration or a driver bug.

I forgot to post the model of the TV: Panasonic TC-P54VT25
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