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Default mouse click, twinview & flicker problems

I've been experiencing several problems with my X system. I think I have 3 distinct problems, but they may be related so I'll put them all here.

My setup is a dual-core 64-bit Athlon with integrated nVidia 8200 graphics on the motherboard. I'm using Fedora 9 that is fully updated. I'm using the latest 180.16 driver. I'm using both the DVI & VGA ports for a dual-head display. I've also attached the nvidia-bug-report.log

The first and most frustrating problem is that sometimes the mouse buttons will stop working. The curser will still move, but I can't click on anything. This requires an X restart and is unbelievably frustrating. This seems to happen about once every 2 hours when I'm using the computer. I did read this post (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=72490), and did enable the "evdev" driver, but that didn't fix anything. I've read in some other forums that this could be related to xinerama. I would gladly not use xinerama if something else worked. This leads me to my second problem.

The second problem is that twinview doesn't seem to work. If I enable it in nvidia-settings then when I restart X only the VGA port is working. When I open nvidia-setting again the DVI display shows up, but It's resolution is listed as "Off". I can enable it again, but the DVI display doesn't come on and every time I go back in it says it's "Off".

The third problem is just a general performance issue. There is generally a lot of flicker on the screens, and things that should be fast like the firefox scroll bar are very slow. I think this problem has been discussed in other posts, but I waned to reiterate.

I have been been using nvidia graphics exclusivity (with Linux) for over 5 years in many different systems, and I've always been very satisfied. I understand that many elements are interconnected here (xorg, fedora, xineram, etc...), but I do know that I will look at other graphics solutions for my next computer (maybe via with their open source drivers?).

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