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Default glxgears shows much less fps in kde4 (kwin -> opengl) than in gnome + compiz-fusion


I just wanted to inform you guys that I'm getting much less fps in kde4 (kwin is the window-manager, opengl effects) than in gnome with compiz-fusion

those are 3500-3700 (kde4)

compared to 7000-7200

I know, glxgears is not a benchmark but perhaps this helps during troubleshooting,

kde4 definitely needs some more speed-tuning

the card I'm using: 7600 GT (passive cooled, from MSI)
~amd64, Gentoo with gcc-4.3.2 hardened, 2.6.28-rc8-zen1
kde4-beta2 (from svn checked out during official tagging day; Tuesday 16th)


ok, it heavily depends on the effects you activated

e.g. disabling shadows behind windows increases the fps by 200-300

it's nevertheless more heavy on the graphics system than compiz(-fusion)
3.19.2-plus+ w. zram, ZFS, Btrfs; checksums>others

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Default Re: glxgears shows much less fps in kde4 (kwin -> opengl) than in gnome + compiz-fusi

I think it is solely dependant on the kwin desktop effects. If I set the glxgears running and flick the effects switch (I have the plasmoid that looks like a lights switch and it enables/disables deskto effects) the results jump from 3000-4000 to 10000+. This is with 8800GT and latest beta drivers.
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