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Default Nvidia + brightness control

I have problem with setting up brightness on my laptop (Samsung Q310). I use Fedora 10, 64bit, nvidia drivers. The change of brightness by power control (after unplugging my AC cabel) does not work - I see a pop up that the brightness has been changed but... it has not. I've been also trying to make my fn+brightness up/down keys work but.....

My devices:
a)lshal | grep laptop_panel
  info.capabilities = {'laptop_panel'} (string list)
  info.category = 'laptop_panel'  (string)
  laptop_panel.access_method = 'general'  (string)
  laptop_panel.num_levels = 6  (0x6)  (int)
b)lshal | grep backlight
udi = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer_backlight'
  info.addons = {'hald-addon-generic-backlight'} (string list)
  info.subsystem = 'backlight'  (string)
  info.udi = '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer_backlight'  (string)
  linux.subsystem = 'backlight'  (string)
  linux.sysfs_path = '/sys/devices/virtual/backlight/acpi_video0'  (string)
I am not sure if there should be in either of these the value "laptop_panel.brightness_in_hardware (bool)" (set as true or false).

Doing as root:
a)echo 7 > /sys/devices/virtual/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness
-bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument
(I tried also echo 1,2,3,100 etc.)

b)echo 3 > /proc/acpi/video/GFX0/DD02/brightness
-bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument
(I tried also at DD01, DD02, DD03, DD04, DD05)

Drivers are fine, because I can change brightness using Nvidia Display Settings -> X Screen 0 -> X Server Color Correction -> Brightness. I don't know, though, what the low level command is that this gui application uses. Maybe some developer could help giving the command equivalent of that setup in the Nvidia Display Settings?

I would be grateful for help. Once I find the command to set up the brightness I will be (hopefully) able to match the command with keycodes.

Best regards,
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Default Re: Nvidia + brightness control

You are confusing brightness with the backlight here.
nvidia-settings cannot change the backlight.
You can try to use nvclock (cvs version) for this.
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Default Re: Nvidia + brightness control

OK, I don't know what I am confusing with what, so maybe I will explain:
1.There are some events which change the brightness of the screen (e.g. gnome power management or up/down fn keys - or at least they are called "brightness" keys)
2.There is a function in nvidia-settings which changes brightness and it works properly.
3.I want all the events from 1) to work properly, hence change the brightness of my lcd. I don't care if it is backlight or brightness or whatever. Lower brightness, dimmer screen, lower battery usage.

I hope it helps . Now maybe you would be able to tell me which path to take (brightness or backlight) in order to make it work properly! :]. I don't know which device power management truly affects.
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Default Re: Nvidia + brightness control

Brightness control in nvidia-settings is something else. It adjusts all the colors in software and that way doesn't control the backlight itself. The only way to do that on your laptop is using the cvs version of NVClock. I got success reports of users of Samsung laptops. It worked fine a Q210 and a R6xx I believe, since the Q210 is similar to a Q310 it should work on yours too. It will help reduce battery usage.
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Default Re: Nvidia + brightness control

Great, I will look for this NVClock in Google. Could you just explain to me what would be the difference between changing the backlight and brightness? I mean, the visual effect is quite similar - doesn't software change of brightness lower the usage of battery as well?

I installed nvclock (nvclock-0.8-0.6.b3a.fc10.x86_64.rpm) but when I try "nvclock -S 50" I receive:
Smartdimmer is only supported on certain laptops using a Geforce 6200/7x00Go. If you want support on your laptop contact the author."

nvclock -D gives:
--- nVidia G98 GPU registers ---
NV_PMC_BOOT_0 (0x0): 298400a2
NV_PBUS_DEBUG_0 (0x1080): 00000000
NV_PBUS_DEBUG_1 (0x1084): 00041469
NV_PBUS_DEBUG_2 (0x1088): 00000000
NV_PBUS_DEBUG_3 (0x108c): 000000d1
NV_10F0 (0x10f0): 00000000
NV_1540 (0x1540): f1010001
NV_15B0 (0x15b0): 00000000
NV_15B4 (0x15b4): 00000000
NV_15B8 (0x15b8): 00000000
NV_15F0 (0x15f0): 00000000
NV_15F4 (0x15f4): 00000000
NV_15F8 (0x15f8): 00000000
NV_PBUS_PCI_0 (0x1800): 06e810de
NV_C010 (0xc010): 00000000
NV_C014 (0xc014): 00000000
NV_C018 (0xc018): 00000000
NV_C01C (0xc01c): 00000000
NV_C020 (0xc020): 00000000
NV_C024 (0xc024): 00000000
NV_C028 (0xc028): 00000000
NV_C02C (0xc02c): 00000000
NV_C040 (0xc040): 2e80d0b3
NV_4000 (0x4000): 00000000
NV_4004 (0x4004): 00000000
NV_4008 (0x4008): 90086400
NV_400C (0x400c): 00001a04
NV_4010 (0x4010): 00000000
NV_4014 (0x4014): 00000000
NV_4018 (0x4018): 00000000
NV_401C (0x401c): 00000000
NV_4020 (0x4020): 80000000
NV_4024 (0x4024): 00000d01
NV_4028 (0x4028): 80000000
NV_402C (0x402c): 00002507
NV_4030 (0x4030): 00000000
NV_4034 (0x4034): 00000000
NV_4038 (0x4038): 00000000
NV_403C (0x403c): 00000000
NV_4040 (0x4040): 00010000
NV_4044 (0x4044): 00000000
NV_4048 (0x4048): 00000000
NV_404C (0x404c): 00000000
NV_4050 (0x4050): 00010000
NV_4054 (0x4054): 00000000
NV_4058 (0x4058): 00000000
NV_405C (0x405c): 00000000
NV_4060 (0x4060): 00000000
NV_E100 (0xe100): 001c0300
NV_E11C (0xe11c): 00000001
NV_E120 (0xe120): 00000000
NV_20008 (0x20008): c008374d
NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x100200): 00001800
NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x100204): 01559000
NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x100208): 00000000
NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x10020c): 10000000
NV_PFB_218  (0x100218): 01000101
NV_PFB_TIMING0 (0x100220): 0d192d24
NV_PFB_TIMING1 (0x100224): 11010c0b
NV_PFB_TIMING2 (0x100228): 0208080c
NV_PFB_474     (0x100474): 00000000
NV_PEXTDEV_BOOT_0 (0x101000): 8f44a39c
NV_NVPLL_COEFF_A (0x680500): 00000000
NV_MPLL_COEFF_A (0x680504): 00000000
NV_VPLL_COEFF (0x680508): 00000000
NV_PLL_COEFF_SELECT (0x68050c): 00000000
NV_NVPLL_COEFF_B (0x680570: 00000000
NV_MPLL_COEFF_B (0x680574: 00000000
As far as I know Q210 and Q310 are almost exactly the same. The only difference is the size of the screen.

I don't know why it says G98, my graphic card is nVidia Geforce 9200M.
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Default Re: Nvidia + brightness control

You need to download the cvs version which should be done this way:
$ cvs -dserver:anonymous@nvclock.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nvclock login (hit enter, there is no password)
$ cvs -z3 -dserver:anonymous@nvclock.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/nvclock co -P nvclock
After that:
$ cd nvclock
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
Then nvclock -S should work.
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Default Re: Nvidia + brightness control

It seems that "echo -n 10 > /proc/acpi/video/NVID/LCD/brightness" works but only from another terminal (not x-server)... obviously, this is not the most convenient solution.

Heh, I posted it just after you wrote your post. I will edit this msg having followed your instructions in the previous msg.

Unfortunately, while doing ./config I receive:
configure: error: "X11 required for nvcontrol support"

I tried installing many different devel packages but it didn't help...

After some lib/dev installed it went through. Ufff... I keep compiling...

Hey, it works! That's great!

Now, if you wouldn't mind a small question from a noob:

Let's say that I install first rpm, then compile and install cvs sources -> now, if I decide to use yum remove, will it uninstall all the files of nvclock? I understand this process as:
----a)rpm package is extracted to some folders
----b)source package is compiled and overrides files installed by rpm (but yum doesn't know about it)
----c)when I uninstall rpm package, it uninstalls all the files of nvclock, regardless of their version and origin.

Of course I mean this only with nvclock - because I think that the CVS version installs exactly the same files as rpm, just in a slightly newer version.

Thank you for all your help!
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