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Default Crysis Wars hitching/pausing!!!

I requested for help on mycrysis.com but I didn't get a single reply, so I try here again:

I don't think I used to have this problem before, but recently Crysis Wars including the original Crysis, Crysis WARHEAD hitches or pauses for a split second and it does this a lot. Initially I thought this is due to excessive HDD reading, but this is caused by something else. Especially this is severe in Crysis Wars in the map 'Stranded'. When I play this map, I can play w/o a hitch up to 10 people in the server but if there're more, say 20+, it hitches like crazy in certain parts of the map. I thought this problem is limited to Crysis Wars, so I played Crysis multiplayer, and it hitches also. God....I don't know when I started having this annoying glitch, but this is very unpleasant and apparently Crysis is the only game that is causing this hitching/stuttering/pausing.

I have the latest drivers for everything: graphics card, sound card, mobo, speaker, monitor, you name it. Please note that I have tried everything at my disposal prior to posting here. I tried rolling back using 6 different graphics drivers, but no luck. Also tried memory tests for detects: came out negative. Ran anti-virus AVG8, anti-spyware ad-aware: also came out negative. Defragmented the HDD, tried using an older version of dx9: still no luck. I tried triplebuffering on since I play in dx9, but again, nothing. Software conflicts might be causing this so I removed nero 8, and other suspicious software but again, nothing. BTW, I don't have any components overl****ed.

Below is my computer spec:

QX6700 @ 2.66GHz
4GB DDR2 667MHz
8800 GTX
590i mobo
750w PSU
G15 keyboard
G5 mouse
creative x-fi fatality pro soundcard
vista x64 business sp1

my crysis settings are:

1280*1240 at everything high, full screen, dx9, V sync on.

This problem is seriously getting on my nerves and I'd like to hear if other people also have hitching/pausing problems during multiplayer especially in the map 'Stranded'. If you had this issue before and know how to solve, please share. I'd very very appreciate some workarounds. Thanks very much.
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Default Re: Crysis Wars hitching/pausing!!!

Try running in DirectX10 mode and see if it stopped shuttering?
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Default Re: Crysis Wars hitching/pausing!!!

did not read the whole thing, but are you using a wireless card for internet?
I want a rig that can play Crysis the way I can play Far Cry now.
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