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Default Ubuntu 8.10 8500GT complex tearing issue?


I have been fighting with this problem for a long time without solution. But now it seems that also other people with other display adapters are suffering from it.

Due that reason, I assume it's not driver issue. (Or can driver completely disable pre-emptive sheduling?) I just would like to hear comments from other people in this forum. Do you have this problem and if you do, have you been able to fix it?

- Thank you!

Best regards,

Yes, I know, this is pure speculation without in detail driver or OS information. But the problem remains.

-- Quote from Ubuntu Forums --


Originally Posted by radox1912 View Post
i get this strange tear only, when i play movies and such.
horizontal line going up and down. really annoying
We're clearly talking about same phenomenon. Do you also experience it more often at the bottom part of the screen, around are like 75% from top? It can be in upper part but it's very rare. And when ever it occures it moves "semislowly" up or downward. So it's position isn't totally random at all.

I think it's has something to do with low level task sheduling. For some reason the process updating the visible frame buffer is interrupted by some other task. I think it would be something that would cause phenomenon like what I decribed above.

Yes, I have been programming low level display stuff over 10 years. And I have experienced similar issues. But those have been so low level systems that there hasn't been operating system with complex pre-emptive multitasing systems messing up my sheduling.

P.S. Are you using 32bit or 64bit version? I'm using 8.10 64bit right now.
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