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Default Mandrake One 2009 problem with install

I'm running #1 kernel on Mandrake One 2009. I've installed the source for this kernel. The installer goes through the entire process, but I can't start the display manager after the "successful" install of the 96.43.09 drivers. My video card is a Geforce4 Ti4600. When I try to configure X with drakx11, I get the following errors:

(EE) NVIDIA(0): The NVIDIA kernel module does not appear to be receiving
(EE) NVIDIA(0): Interrupts generated by nvidia graphics device

Occasionally, when I try to configure X with drakx11, I get the following errors:

(EE) NVIDIA(0): Problem parsing the config file
(EE) NVIDIA(0): Error parsing the config file

I'm not sure, but this seems to occur after I try uninstalling the 96.43.07 nvidia kernel package in the software add/remove section prior to the install of the 96.43.09 drivers.

The proprietary drivers (96.43.07) that come with Mandrake One 2009 don't work either.

I've attached the nvidia-bug-report.log and nvidia-installer.log in Tar archives.

I'm at about my wit's end after trying several unsuccessful installs. Any help will be much appreciated, even if it is to tell me that my card is not fully supported.
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File Type: gz nvidia-installer.log.tar.gz (5.1 KB, 80 views)
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Default Re: Mandrake One 2009 problem with install

Sorry about the title, I know it's Mandriva, but I just can't shake the old habits. Anyway, it's still the old Mandrake to me until I can get my graphics card working.

Just to update, I'm now running 1mnb2 (I think, since I'm currently writing this in Windows and can't check), have tried several of the logon parameters for ACPI/APIC, tried pci=pollirq, a manual install suggested that involves a couple of logouts and the extract-only installer option, and am thinking about buying another card that might be supported by the current drivers.

Unfortunately, if I do buy another card, I will likely end up with a lesser quality AGP graphics card. Many of the new ones with 512MB don't seem to measure up to the Geforce4 Ti4600 in terms of performance. Hopefully, we can work something out. I'll update my log files if I can get a response.
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Default Re: Mandrake One 2009 problem with install

Problem parsing the config file (generally) means there is an error in it. You need to check it line by line, find the error and remove it.
If you cannot find it, try posting the xorg.conf file and maybe somebody can help you find the error.
Sometimes programs throw out spurious errors because of some other problem. If you are ever getting a parsing problem, resolve that first because it could be the entire problem or could be masking the real problem.

nvidia-installer --ui=none --sanity
on the CLI will check the installation. Run it and make sure the install is good. Sometimes Mandrake screws around with 'gl' and break links ...
(no, they will never learn: 10 years & they still do it.)

There is a program, Ext2IFS, that runs on (almost) all MS Windows OS and provides read and write access to ext2 and ext3 partitions. It works. It's OSS & free.
The only issue with Ext2IFS(after 3+years of use) is writing to an ext3 partition causes Mandrake to throw a fit at boot and check the drive for errors. It is no big deal but it slows boot. E.g., 30+ GB partition will take quite a while to check. SO, in general, avoid writing to the ext3 partition from the Windows OS but if you need to do it, it works ...just boot time is going to be longer at the next boot.(there is a way around that too ...).

I am running MDV 2009; 2.6.27 is latest kernel w/ security updates.
I have a ti4200 around here somewhere but that is where I stopped with AGP so cannot help a lot more. ( I currently use a PCIe card ... )

There is an odd thing about kdm login display manager. If it was running, you have to kill it and then start it.
kill `pidof kdm`
to get it running.
If the issue is that you are getting dropped to init 3 after boot the the above trick is used after (re)configuration.
Of course that's presuming that you are using the default DM, kdm. If you are using ONE for gnome, oh well.

PS: drakx11 sucks only slightly less than SAX2(openSUSE) = you are better off not using drak*
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