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Default Was this a bug? i am very confused

Hey all,
I did a previous post about how "I didn't want my windows maximizing on primary monitior"
I got a few responses from that post and I appreciate them especially from Fuch's who mentioned the _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS and how that would be nice to imcorporate into compiz fusion , which it has been by the way!
I understand that many people complained about the fact that windows maximized across both monitors on a dual monitor system, and how irritating that was, and i agree.
And of course was real pleased when that "bug" was fixed , however , now full screen dual monitor movies is not possible.
i have also noticed when using some of the "fun" plugins in compiz fusion,, especially the snow plugins, that in fact the dual screen set up is not a extended desktop at all.
yes i can move windows from one monitor to the other and it does in fact behave properly, and the desktop background is indeed stretched across both monitors, however if I run a snow plugin I am getting two incidents of the plugin one on each monitor.. it does not span across both at all. The best example would be "stars". For those that have used this neato plugin the stars start at a central point in the center of the screen and fan out as if traveling through space towards that central point as the stars move by on all sides. now, with say the 169.12 driver this plugin does indeed start at a central point between the two monitors and fans out, however with that "bug" fixed you now have two (2) central points one on each monitor and not very centralized on the secondary especially if it is of a different size from the primary, essentially two incidents of the plugin , one on each monitor.
This would go unnoticed if it were not for the snow plugins.
if I simply put Option "TwinView" "true" in the xorg.conf I essentially get the identical behavior as the "bug fix" on the newer drivers, from the 169.12 driver.
I have not found a way to get mplayer to recognize or use _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS so the "bug" that was fixed , at least for a mulitmedia center and full dual screen videos, is useless. Of course I could just go out and by a super widescreen and then the driver "bug" fix would be inconsequential since it would be a single monitor.
So here is my take on this;
I dont think window maximizing, across both screens, was a bug at all. If it was remedied with a simple xorg.conf setting then why not another xorg.conf setting to revert it back to the bug state so that windows and videos can max across both monitors?
Or better, a tick box in the settings that reverts it back.
I saw no real reason to remove something that did not interfere with video quality/performance, and replace it with a "no choice" driver. At least with the 169.12 driver I can choose to have it my way or the new way. with the 180 beta I have no choice.
I really like the performance the 180 beta is giving me, but I have to uninstall it and downgrade to 169.12 in order to have a choice of full dual monitor videos or primary monitor only maximizing. However, this is a problem if I go to ubuntu intrepid since the 169.12 driver will not install on that kernel and then I will be "stuck" with a new "bug" of primary maximized videos !
So I guess. at least at this point, I am asking if it is possible to get that xorg.conf setting or a tick box in nvidia-settings to revert back to the "bug" state so that I can decide which I will use at any given time?
No the bezels dont bother me at all watching videos , and if you have seen this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DWzuIreDGA you get an idea how the bezels kind of melt away when things get going
The new drivers of course work the same way, now in linux, as they do on windows.
however I dont use compiz fusion on windows and through compiz fusion , some of the "visual bugs" displayed with the snow plugins enabled, make the "bug" fix not quite right visually.
I dont mean to sound critical... just curious to a valid soluton. i would definilty like to move up to ubuntu intrepid but cannot with the current drivers.

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Default Re: Was this a bug? i am very confused

Having windows maximize on 2 screens by default was a bug (well it was a workaround, that is no longer needed).

Most people do not want this behavior either. (Note: open source drivers behave the same way).

About _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS its a EHWM hint that got recently added.
Compiz having support for it means that it will spawn a window accross both (all) screens when the window sets this hint. Its not the job of the wm to do this but the application (the wm "sees" the hint and takes a action).

What do you want is to write a patch (or let someone write it) for mplayer that adds a -fsmonitor option that sets this hint. Shouldn't be that hard to do.
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